Peezy Boii
ComplexCon — ~ Google Images

Bringing the typical Brooklyn-style bodega to ComplexCon, the brand turns up for an immersive and interactive experience with wall-to-wall fridges stocked with the new limited-edition HI-DEF can and free samples for bold fans seeking a visit they will never forget.

Last year, Four Loko amazed enthusiasts with a shipping container…

Piece of Cake ~ Google Images


It’s hard to think they won’t believe in you,

Looking in the mirror, and you wonder what you seeing through

Look beyond the glass, I could tell you that the means is you

Alternating dreamers, on a dream hunt, for the dreamers loot

I been waiting patiently, no more resisting…

Peezy Boii

Elvis Perez |Communications Major & Journalism Minor | Music Producer | Artist | Appreciator of all kinds of creativity, opening up a glimpse of my mind

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